DIY Red Carpet-worthy Earrings

I was asked by the FABULOUS Candie Cooper ( to participate in a really fun blog hop! The theme of this blog hop is DIY Red Carpet-worthy Earrings, but I took it a step further and decided to show how to make them yourself :D See below:

This is my addition to the party! Elongated, delicate and color-blocking with knitted wire and crystals.

With 18 gauge wire, I started by creating the shape for the earrings using Now That's a Jig! .

I slipped on some hollow knitted wire, (from SilverSilk) then used round nose pliers and chain nose pliers to make baby scrolls at the ends of the wire. 

Using needle and beading thread, I stitched a large crystal (from Jesse James Beads) between the knitted wire.

Then I stitched smaller crystals into the knitted wire to make the fringe. When the threads met up, I tied them together and stitched them into the knitted wire to hide them!

JJB-0001 one.jpg

And there you have it! Easy pair of earrings for any gala occasion!

©2017 Nealay Patel